Something exciting is coming, and you are invited! Join me for this one-time-only, free Cosmic Smash Booking Session called:

“Ignition – What is the Secret Sauce to Setting Your Heart Ablaze?"

We get to be together in a few hours and love on each other to bring our gifts into the world. 

You get to come and dig a little and find your treasure … bring it forward …. make a change in the universe!

Let’s use the secret sauce and get to the bottom of the barrel and name what is getting in your way of living the life you were created for right now.

Join The Free Gathering Now!

* Due to the nature of this event, no recording will be sent.

The Host

Catt Z

I'm Catt Z. Artist. Visionary. Founder of Cosmic Smashbooking.  

I help you access your intuition through the Cosmic Smash Book Process, using a combination of Intentional Creativity ® and art journaling. There are no rules.

I was in the computer industry for fifty years as a software designer and decided it was time to break out of the box. So I became an Artist at 60 and life hasn't been the same since.

I'm a wild woman, pioneer, gypsy, lover of dogs, traveling, and starting over. I love stepping into dangerous territory and bringing others with me on the journey.

I bring the fun, wisdom, magic, adventure, and courage to assist you in healing yourself enough so you may go out and heal others. You ready?

If you have any questions, please email our Cosmic Smash Booking assistant Melissa at