Cosmic Smash Booking

O’Flanary’s Emporium

631 W State Street,

Redlands, CA

10:00 – 5:00pm



La Catarina – Celebration

October 7th 2017

Come join us as we explore this wonderful La Catarina!  She has been a part of my life for some time.  I discovered her in Mexico and her message to me has been get her done!  She also reminds me not to take life so seriously, we are all going to look like this some day.  So Come join me as we Smash ON! what we need to get done before it’s all over and do it in a fun and whimsical way.



Are you needing to gather your compassion for yourself and others during this long summer time?

Come Join Us as we slowwwww down the summer !

I have been soooooo hard over the last two years to overcome a personal adversity an stay on the high road.  I am so tired of taking myself so seriously!  It is Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and I cannot get the song out of my mind, “SummerTime …. and the living issss eassyyyy.”

Well, as for me as for you, with life so busy, it is hard to get back to the living easy as we might have when we were young and school was out.  I loved Summer … my birthday is in the Summer … so it is one of my favorite times. The other is Fall, which it is down under … so both of my favorite times come globally!

So this month’s workshop is about looking at an easier way of life.  Exploring …. Where do you need to give up control?  Where do you want more spontaneity?  Where do I need to just get on the swing and let my spiritual connection take over?

Loving you fiercely and look forward to seeing you!



May 6th 2017


I have so been waiting for this month to bloom.  We are going to explore how, when, where to blossom into our authentic selves, what is holding us up and how we can move into more of what we want.

April 1st 2017

Redemption, Miracles and Spring

 Come join us as we travel on this Spring adventure looking for miracles and redemption and Smash ON!


What seed was planted and is ready to grow for you?  What seed would you like to plant and rise for you this Spring?  Do you smell the fragrance of Spring in the sage, orange blossoms and lavender?  How can you get more of that deliciousness in your life?


What is ready to break open in your Cosmic Egg?  Is this the time for you to crack open the container and find out what is in there for you?  Do you know what it is you desire and are ready to open up the egg and see what is inside?  Are you ready to pick it up and ponder what might be in it for you?  What is it that you truly truly desire?


Have you even wondered what redemption is or wanted it?  How do you get redemption?  Redeem myself from stupid things I have done?

Are you like me and hope that some of the decisions you have made which turned out disastrous and had horrible consequences could be redeemed??

Are you ready to make a list of what is stopping you from getting to what you desire?


Come join us and let’s go Smash and find your answer to these questions!!!



Saturday February 4th 2017

Word For The Year Cosmic Smash Book


What if the answers you have been seeking enter in through the back door of your heart?

Wouldn’t you want to find them?

What about those bad scary feelings that get in the way of what you want to do?

Wouldn’t you want to find a way to process them and give them greater meaning?

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to get more grounded when life spins you out of control?

Cosmic Smash Booking is a mash up between art journaling and Intentional Creativity

as designed by Shiloh Sophia through the Color Of Woman method.

It is an artful fun way to get the answers, find meaning and ground yourself.

In our first class in February you will make a book uniquely yours and

learn how to find grounding and learn how to rest your feelings.

You are invited to unlock your personal creativity through Cosmic Smash Booking. This is not an art journaling class, however you will be learning art journaling techniques.  This is a spiritual journal helping you find your own internal wisdom through Intentional Creativity. This process approach yields greater access to who we are now and who we are becoming. Discover your own inner wisdom through words and images.

Our first class will begin with the Red Thread Circle and meditation. Then you will create your very own Cosmic Smash Book. You will start with a grounding page and a resting page.

Each following class you will learn a new art technique and receive your new “inquiries” or subjects to write about until our next meeting. Then you will do art over or around your journaling. Each week we will explore what we have learned during the process.

What you will need for this class:

Compensation book. You can find at Dollar Store, Target or other stores

If you wish to buy one with no lines, they will be on sale at the class for $4.00

Pencil for writing

Several colored ribbons, 36 inch long

Charms or small items to tie on your ribbons

All other material will be supplied