How To Make a Resting Page in  your Cosmic Smash Book

RestingPageSample2 Hello and thank you for accepting my free gift!  This very simple but powerful process will let you rest your emotions long enough to get some breathing space.  In this breathing space you will have the opportunity to get the energy of the emotion moving away from you so you have some time to get a little respite from the energy that is consuming you. In these videos I welcome you to the process.  I am showing you in my Cosmic Smash Book resting page.   This page as I explain in the video can be done on any paper.  It can be done in your art journal, a piece of paper, a newspaper or inside of a cereal box.  I show you how I am creating the page using acrylic.  However, it can be done with crayons, watercolor, dyes, even food coloring.

 You can download my recommended Cosmic Smash Booking Materials List HERE. 

The idea is to get your feelings down and through using color, move the energy and create a portal to your own internal wisdom around the incident or incidents that have created this emotion.  Once you have exerted your energy down on the paper then step away and move on with what you need to get done in your day.  Then listen.  You may come back to the page and add more color or as you will see in the sample video I come back with colored paper to help cool a page that was very hot from the emotion I was feeling. The important part is to feel your way through this process.  There are no rules to how to proceed.  Follow your heart and Smash your way out of the emotion. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask me!  If you feel led, please share your images on the Cosmic Smash Book Facebook page.  You do not need to share what you are processing or what you discovered, however I will share with you there is magic if you do. I send you much love to you!

Catt Z


Password to access the videos: restingpage

I hope you enjoyed creating your Resting Page!

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