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Kick To The Kurb – Boot What No Longer Serves You Out Of The Way

Are you ready to take a fun whimsical road trip in your own semi-truck, the most powerful vehicle on the road, and move what is in your way to becoming the person you were meant to be?

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Coming Home To Yourself – An Alchemical Journey

This deep dive adventure begins the journey back home to you.  What is calling you home?  Why are you not there?  What is stopping you?  How do you get there?  We start our trip right where you are and end the quest centered in your heart.

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Unfold Your Own Yarn – A Whimsical And Deep Journey Into Re-mothering Yourself

Now that I have a better sense of where home is, you realize that there is work to do to be kinder to yourself, more compassionate, tolerant and patient.  How do you do that?  In this session we come into the back door of our heart and find out what we need and how to get the nurturing we need.

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czgbubble3Testimonials: Cosmic Smash Book Love!

“A truly unexpected WONDERFUL workshop you have created… Healing energy.. You have a gift…keep on passing it forward!” Blessings, Julie Beck, Sisters On The Fly

“I loved your playful and joyful videos! Today I really enjoyed creating the cover for my Smash Book.” Iris Zohanne Ztarr

“I had so much resistance to Smash Booking, but… once I heard you speak about it, I was convinced this is something that brings deep conversation with Divine. Listening is such a big part of the process, and I loved hearing you constantly check in with your listening on the videos. I melted into it and really enjoyed the process. I look forward to developing my Smash Book ear.” Catherine White-Gardner 

“What an interesting experience of letting go.  I was very aware of my inner critic talking about the color choices and how it was applied and where.  I got to practice to move forward anyway and to be ok with whatever showed up.” Evelyn Varrett