A Teach the Teachers Course for Cosmic Smash Booking

Are you currently a Cosmic Smash Book Artist or follower of Intentional Creativity and have found the process so rewarding for you that you want to share it with other people so they can also transform their lives?


Has your life been changed by Cosmic Smash Booking and you want to share it with other people and guide them in transforming their lives too? Do you believe that this process can change other people's lives the way it has yours and want to teach others how to transform their lives as well? Are you looking for a workshop process that you can provide to anyone in any location to share your wisdom?


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Cosmic Smash Booking is an accessible tool that can be used when working with recovery addiction, prison work, children and men. In fact, I have not found any place yet where this process cannot be used. It is currently being used all over the world for recovery around addiction, bullying, abandonment, self-esteem by men, women, children and entire families.

My own personal journey as a Cosmic Smash Book Guide and Artist has fully transformed my life. I got the extreme opportunity to really see how this process can heal when my husband of thirty years left me for another woman. I still laugh at how my first thought was, “Oh My, I’m really going to get a chance to see if this works.” Followed by the thought of, “oh boy, this is going to really hurt.” As a result of “smashing” my feelings and emotions for the first year and choosing to stay on the high road, I found at the end of this first year that I stayed away from harmful outlets like alcohol, over-eating, and drugs. I have worked with and watched other people experience transformation, healing, information, new awareness when using Cosmic Smash Booking.

You will learn how to take a Cosmic Smash Book and “Smash The Theme” to canvas.

The intention of this class is that once completed, you will be offering workshops in Cosmic Smash Booking to your beloveds. I have also discovered that using Cosmic Smash Booking in addition to your Color of Woman, Intentional Creativity™ workshops allows you to offer an entry into painting on canvas for individuals who say “they are not artistic” and who are intimidated with the canvas.

Cosmic Smash Booking Certification

To become a certified Cosmic Smash Book Guide, you will complete 12 weeks of training, as well as certification requirements such as completing a book and hosting three workshops. Throughout the course of your 12-week training, you will have weekly group calls with me and fellow teachers who are also in to process of becoming CSB Guides. You will also receive lifetime access to our private Facebook Group of over 80 teachers and counting! Access to the course also never expires. 

Testimonials From Our Alumni

I have been doing Cosmic Smashbooking with Catt for the past seven years and it has been a game changer for me. Cosmic Smashbooking is an extremely effective way to process information. It allows you to give up perfection in order to access vital information, yet it is done with whimsy and playfulness. I have learned to trust what comes forward even if I don’t fully understand its message. I know the information will become apparent at the appropriate time.

I occasionally look back over my collection of Cosmic Smashbooks and I continue to be informed by my pages. Comic Smashbooking has become the one practice I have been able to do successfully, on a daily basis over a sustained period of time. Cosmic Smashbooking is the gift that keeps on giving and I highly recommend it as a means of tapping into the creative flow.  I am so grateful for this process! – Janet M. Holmes


Thank you Catt Z for creating such a wonderful container, that is so warm, nurturing and encouraging as well as understanding. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I will miss our meetings. – Santa Smale

Thank you Catt Z for creating such a wonderful container, that is so warm, nurturing and encouraging as well as understanding. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I will miss our meetings. – Santa Smale


“For me, the wonderful thing about this process is that changes are sustainable. In contrast to thoughts and wishes that are only formulated with the mind, the process of active design in the Cosmic Smashbook leads to real transformations in my life. For example, I now pay more attention to my needs and allow myself to make more confident decisions than when I started the course. It is a gift that Catt has invented this method and shares it with us.” – Katja Waak