Meet Catt Z! 



A Cosmic Q & A with the Founder of Cosmic Smash Booking



Q: Catt, when I watch you Smash Book it’s one of the most intuitive processes I’ve ever witnessed.  Where do you go when you’re on the page?

A: The page is a portal.  A place to dive in and feel the connection between myself and the great mystery. To feel the play and the sparkle of the universe, like deep ocean waters that move us. It’s like bubbles, riding the bubbles of the universe, feeling kelp beds all around, and finding your way through to blue ocean water beyond.

It's a coming home.


Q: What do you want us to experience when we come to the page?

A: I want to see you rising to the top of that water and breathing new air. To imagine dropping from the sky in a parachute, with full control, and free falling to glide gently to earth. I want you to feel the raging fire of the Santa Anna winds and know that it’s your own fire, and that you can calm it. I want you witness a thunderbolt so closely that when it strikes the earth you know its not white but yellow: and it holds information meant just for you. 


Q: Part of Smash Booking is about Intentional creativity and healing, and your work with recovering addicts. What would you say is there for them?

A: This is about what it’s like to float on a vast, unending ocean and yet feel that you are safe. I want my sisters and brothers to know deeply they are not alone, but there is a deep connection to be had if they stay on the path. That someone will be there, and that their entire journey has purpose. This is the Muse when she’s coming out of the dark, and a devotion to giving my beloveds a process to get to the other side of that.

My guides walk in the dark and then hold up a lantern for me. That’s what I want for them, for all of us.


Q: How Did Cosmic Smash Booking come about?

Magically, of course. Cosmic Smash booking is Art Journaling meets Intentional Creativity®, meets a blazing cosmic thread between deep earth spirit, and the heart of the cosmos. Intentional Creativity® is an amazing approach to creating founded by Shiloh Sophia and her mentor Sue Hoya Sellars. I had the honor of working with both Shiloh and Sue in person for years and graduated from Color of Woman – Intentional Creativity Teacher Training in 2011. Cosmic Smash Booking arose from my experience with Intentional Creativity and it gave rise to my own method and way of working. My daring work adds colorful wild threads to the weaving of this ancestral lineage of creative women which started close to 100 years ago. Many Intentional Creativity Teachers have also studied Cosmic Smash Booking and become teachers. Intentional Creativity® is to make with love, mindfulness and intention. If you want to add the site – it is 




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