Are you willing to take a flight into the creative cosmos to see what wonders bubble up from the deep?

Maybe you don’t feel creative. Or that artful play is worthwhile. Maybe you’ve tried art journaling or painting before. I am here to say to you that so many things that are good, and nearly everything that is necessary, starts with resistance.

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We’re not sure why. So, let’s ask:

Take your favorite notebook or journal and turn to a clean blank page. Do you love the look and feel of the paper? The purity? The possibility?

Place your palm across it, touching it, stroking the smooth surface lightly, use one finger or two, and pull back the edge. And now crumple it.

That's right. Crumple the page. Scrunch it. Dig in your thumb. Once, twice, three times. Maybe even four.

In many ways you might say: Mess. It. Up.

Did you feel the urge to close the book? Stay with what was? Skip the risk, keep it – and you – “perfect”, or at least: unchanged?

Or did you try it, and feel beneath your hands the instant release and subtle transformation that took place? A new realm of possibility that you hadn't realized was there, just waiting for you to take hold? Where might this lead, how did you somehow, already become a part of this journey?

Now, take a deep breath, and smile (if you scrunched well you probably already are) as you approach the cosmic threshold of what is true – for you.  Let's begin.

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