I'm Catt Z.  
Founder of Cosmic Smashbooking.  

I help you access your intuition through the Cosmic Smash Book Process, using a combination of Intentional Creativity ® and art journaling.

There are no rules.

I was in the computer industry for fifty years as a software designer and decided it was time to break out of the box. So I became an Artist at 60 and life hasn't been the same since.

I'm a wild woman, pioneer, gypsy, lover of dogs, traveling, and starting over. I love stepping into dangerous territory and bringing others with me on the journey.

I bring the fun, wisdom, magic, adventure, and courage to assist you in healing yourself enough so you may go out and heal others.

You ready?




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See you on the other side!

Loving you fiercely,

Catt Z